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Head And Neck And Skull Base Surgery

There is an increasing incidence of various head and neck lesions including both benign or noncancerous lesions and malignant lesions or cancerous lesions in the head and neck region. There is the need for early detection and appropriate management of these lesions to decrease the morbidity and mortality rates.

We are continually working towards the management of these patients with lesions of head and neck especially cancerous lesions of this region. We employ the latest diagnostic techniques including the use of the fibreoptic laryngoscopy with I Scan technology for early detection of precancerous and cancerous lesions and ensure the best management.

Apart from the head and neck region we also expertise in the management of the skull base region. Endoscopic management of the skull base region such as CSF rhinorrhoea, angiofibromas with skull base involvement, pituitary tumours, esthesioneuroblatomas, etc

resulting in significantly decreased morbidity and considerable decreased hospital stay in the post operative period.

Conditions being treated

  • Oral benign lesions – leukoplakia, melanoplakia, submucosal fibrosis, lichen planus, pemphigus
  • Thyroid and parathyroid lesions- malignant and benign
  • Neck masses and cysts-  thyroglossal cysts, branchialcysts,carotidboby tumours, paragangliomas
  • Malignant lesions of oral cavity, supraglottic and glottic cancers –management with CO2  laser for organ preservation
  • Skull base- CSF rhinorrhoea, CSF otorrhoea, pituitary macroadenomas, malignant tumours of the nose and paranasal sinuses