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Facts about Teachers and Vocal Health

Facts about Teachers and Vocal Health
10 Jul, 2017

Teachers are at high occupational risk for developing voice problems.

  • Teachers speak considerably more than the average person on a daily basis, often without amplification systems and in noisy classroom.
  • They are constantly exposed to students suffering from colds and sore throats.
  • Teacher education programs do not include information about healthy voice production.

Teachers are no.1 in the incidence of voice disorders.

  • Teachers are 32 times more likely to report voice difficulties than people in other jobs.
  • Teachers compose 4% of the workforce, yet make up almost 20% of the patient population at voice centers.
  • Nearly half of all teachers suffer from voice problems at some point in their careers.

Any voice problem reduces the teacher’s professional effectiveness

  • Words need to be about 15 decibels louder than background noise for children to learn.
  • Children, especially those under the age of 15, lack language experience to fill in the gaps when they miss just a word or two of their teacher’s message.

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