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Patient Testimonials

  • I had lost all hopes of my daughter getting her hearing back. She is just 16 and has been so depressed because of hearing issues. She lost her mother at the age of 11 and had so much to cope up with. I felt so helpless. Then I went to Dr Alok and Dr. Shweta Gogia at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.They assessed her and after thoroughly studying her condition she was operated upon. she can now hear and is very happy. She has gained new confidence. I really want to thank both my doctors for their effort and their skill wich has given my child a new life.

    Rohtash (Father of Manisha)

  • My child had a sudden paralysis of left half of the body and was taken to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and was found to have cervical spine dislocation. He was on ventilator and underwent several surgeries for his condition. We also found that he has developed problem in his airway and was referred to Dr. Alok and Dr Shweta from ENT department. They worked tirelessely to help my child regain back his voice and lead a normal life. Today, Krish goes to a normal school, enjoys his life and loves to play video games. But this has been posssiblr due to the team efforts of his doctors from ENT. God bless.

    Veena Rani (Mother of Krish Pawar)