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Sialendoscopy & Salivary Gland Disorders

Salivary gland disorders such as stones in the salivary gland ducts and recurrent swelling ih the glands due to the stricture in the duct can now be managed with minimal invasive technique using sialendoscope and various other tools such as the balloon dialatore and baskets. This allows us to effectively manage these conditions without the need to subject our patients to invasive techniques and decreases the morbidity and hospital stay. The technique of sialendoscopy allows for management of a no of other disorders such as recurrent parotid swellings especially in the paediatric population.

Various disorders of salivary glands being managed

  • Salivary duct stones- submandibular and parotid duct stones
  • Ductal stenosis
  • Recurrent parotid gland swelling
  • Salivary gland tumours
  • Ranula and sublingual salivary gland swellings
  • Sialocoele
  • Gustatory sweating
  • Dry mouth syndrome or Sjogren’s syndrome