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Why Us

about us

We are a trusted name in the field of otolaryngology, treating all the aspects.

We have been working unrelenting towards making your treatment experience splendid. It is our foremost endeavour that we understand your concern and treat you in the most compassionate manner and also provide you the most most conducive treatment protocol. We provide you treatment with latest equipment for the treatment, including the CO2 laser lumenis with micromanipulator, coblation, harmonic scalpel, microdebrider, stroboscopy, TNE etc

We have been constantly involved in a number of research programmes and working in a varied projects related to the development of various new techniques in the medical as well as the surgical management of otorhinolaryngological disorders. we have a vast experience in CO2 laser working with the ACU blade technology of Lumenis providing a number of options for the treatment of complex airway conditions especially those in the neonatal and paediatric airway and adult airway. We have successfully managed some of the most complex situations in the field of otorhinolaryngology and will continue to work towards the betterment of our patients.